Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes that are adhered to your individual natural lashes with a medical grade adhesive.

What is eyelash extension?
What is Patch Testing/ Sensitivity Test?

In this session, you will get a Sensitivity Test to Adhesive, Eyepatch and Medical Tape to prevent from any Irritation or Allergic reactions during or after Eyelash Extensions procedure. We will also discuss a perfect style that suits your eye shape in order to get a desired look.

What is threading?

Threading is an ancient method of facial hair removal in which 100% organic cotton thread is used to remove unwanted facial hairs. Its origin can be traced back to ancient Eastern culture and has recently gained popularity in the West. It is also one of the best method of brow shaping and lifting. Threading is a faster method, precise and more gentle on skin compared to waxing.  
To compare Threading and Waxing, it can also be mentioned that in threading there is no chemical involved so it is a very good method for sensitive or mature skin, there won't be any skin damage after threading, it lasts longer, works faster and has better and more precise result.


Eyelash Extensions

I am a blond person, does it look fake if I do black lashes?

We recommend lash tint for blond clients for two main reasons. Firstly, if you do the lash tint prior to your lash extensions application, they look much darker and more visible for the technician to see them so, the procedure will be faster and technician will get more time to apply more lashes on. Secondly, if you feel the lashes are too dark to match to your hair color we do offer dark brown extensions to suit your hair color.


Does it hurt or irritate me during or after eyelash application?

Not at all. It is a very relaxing treatment and our client often take a nap during their treatments. It is not going to irritate you even after your application has been done unless you rub or pull them out.

I am pregnant. Is it safe to do eyelash extensions?

Generally, eyelash extensions are safe procedures. However, we do not recommend the treatment for our pregnant clients. For two main reasons. Firstly, the treatment requires you to lay flat for more than an hour which is not a comfortable position for pregnant women and also since you are not comfortable enough technician may take more time for the treatment. Secondly, as your hormones level change during pregnancy it might happen that you get an allergic reaction to adhesive fume.


Do lash extensions damage the natural lashes?

If the application is right it is not going to damage your natural lashes. We always advise you about proper length and thickness according to the strength of your natural lashes to keep the ongoing health of the natural lashes. If they are too heavy or clumped together will cause damage to the natural lashes. Please do not pull or remove your extensions yourself and always get the help of professionals. Always keep your lashes clean and use oil free cleansers to prevent any infections or severe damage and help them to last longer.


How long the lash extensions procedure takes?

It depends on which set you are looking for. But normally it takes between 45min to 2.5 hours.

How long they last for and how often I need infills?

It highly depends on how you maintain your eyelashes. They normally last for 3-4 weeks or till the time your natural lashes shed. To maintain the lashes fluffy and full we offer infills every 2-4 weeks.


Can I wear contact lenses after application has been done?

Yes, but not during your application.

what happens if my eyelash extensions fall out a few days after they were applied?

There could be number of reasons. The main reasons are poor application and inadequate
aftercare. Sometimes, stress, medical conditions and being exposed to humidity and higher temperature could cause the fall too.

Can I remove the extensions myself?

We do not recommend to remove your extensions yourself. It has to be removed professionally. It takes us approximately 20 minutes to remove them easily with a medical grade glue remover.

Are lash extensions glued to my skin?

No, they are only applied on top of a single natural lash and approximately 1-2mm from the eyelid.

Why my natural lashes look shorter after extension has shed?

When you have beautiful long extensions for almost 4 weeks you get used to them. After they start falling out you feel the difference in length between the natural lashes and the extensions. Therefore, your lashes appearing shorter than your extensions. Another reason is that when the natural lashes shed the extensions on them fall out too. The remaining natural lashes (which are still baby lashes) are in different growth cycle. These baby lashes need time to grow and have the normal length.

How do I look after them?

I often heard from clients that they don't clean their lashes because they think they fall out quicker. This is so so wrong. It is really important to keep your eyelash extensions clean. Keeping them clean prevents form any infections and also helps in longevity of the lashes. You will get an Aftercare Instructions Card from your lash artist right after the treatment. Make sure to follow that in order to keep your lashes clean and hygienic.